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Dancing On A Cloud First Dance

Dancing On A Cloud

This special effect will transform the dance floor into a cloud to enhance the overall look & feel of your first dance. This effect does not utilize smoke, fog or haze so it will not activate a fire alarm. As a result of being safe for fire alarms, most venues do allow the use of this beautiful effect for your first dance at your wedding at Mahan's Lakeview.

Gobo Monograms

Wedding Gobo Monograms

Select one of our customizable gobo templates or if you don’t have artwork but have your own ideas, your DJ can still help you on a personalized design.

Wedding Paper Lanterns

Wedding Paper Lanterns

Your wedding DJ has a huge selection of colors to complement your wedding no matter what colors you have chosen to theme your wedding.

Bistro String Ligthing

Bistro String Lighting

Talk about mood lighting! Decorative bistro lights, also called string or market lights, add a twinkling atmosphere to wherever you put them. These lights aren't just for outdoor receptions, they look great in a barn or tent too.

Wedding DJ Reviews From Past Couples

Johnny and Adam's Wedding
Johnny & Adam

He gave us everything we asked for in entertainment. Now a great DJ gives you everything you ask for exactly as you requested, but an excellent DJ like Frankie goes even further to figure out who you are and what music you really love...

Mariah and Jordan wedding
Mariah & Jordan

DJ Frank had us dancing up until the last minute. Also, he was great about including all the things we had asked him to include that night! We liked that DJ Frank had many years of experience, he was professional, and was willing to work with what we wanted specifically...

Meagan and Waleed Wedding
Meagan & Waleed

Frank was amazing. He went above and beyond to find Arabic music for our multi cultural wedding; where every other DJ we spoke to said we had to provide the music to them. He merged both cultures music perfectly and everyone got up and danced...