DJ Music Samples

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Top 40

A high-energy mix of current popular radio music.

Radio Hits EDM

(*GOOD WORKOUT MIX) A contemporary super-charged mix of electronic dance music with a touch of deep house.

Old School Mix

Your favorite 80s, 90s and 2000s mix of classics

80s & 90s Remix

This continous mix will get you jamming to your favorite throw back tunes.

Funky Disco Remix

A non-stop blend of your favorite disco & funk songs with an up-to-date beat.

Latin Freestyle (club)

An old school mix of your favorite 90s freestyle jams.

WTMH Summer 2013

Real house music. This isn't a mainstream mix of radio hits. This is the type of music you would hear in a chic lounge or trendy club in Europe